couch to 5K plan

just wanted to do a quick little blog post about the running plan i am helping zach pursue. 

our deal: zach REALLY wants to learn to fly.  he has a little bit of experience under his belt already, and working around airplanes so much has only intensified his desire to actually fly (privately as a hobby, not commercially as a vocation – he’s very happy with ATC)!  i told him that i would whole-heartedly support any financial and time investments toward learning to fly as soon as he was able to run a 10K.  we struck a deal. 

my husband may be quite lean, but that is not an accurate reflection of his overall health.  it’s been years since he was very active and our deal nicely coincided with a re-newed desire to get back into shape.  i found this “couch to 5K” plan on pinterest a couple months ago and knew it would be a good, incremental and achievable plan to get my husband halfway to his goal:

(click the picture for a link to a better/clearer view)

since recently becoming a runner myself, i’ve decided to do each run with zach.  it’s always easier to stick with something when you’ve got a friend doing it with you, right?  we finished week 3 today and i have to say – i am SO impressed with my husband for his commitment thus far.  he hasn’t stopped and hasn’t given up.  he’s even gotten up to go running BEFORE work on his “early” days (leaves for work by 7am).  for those of you who know zach, you know that this is HUGE.  my husband is NOT a morning person.  i’m so proud of him!!

we’re planning our own little 5K run at the end of september around the track at the Rose Bowl (which is just shy of a 5K)! 

it has been super fun and special for me to not only see my husband growing and working hard to get into better shape, but i really love sharing this activity with him!  i’m thinking i may stick with him for the second half of the training and work my way up to 10K too!


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