Instagram Photo-A-Day: July

i did another “photo a day” on Instagram for the month of july. 

7/1 – #selfportrait

7/2 – VERY #busy morning: dropped off rent checks at the office, deposited rent cash so our check didn’t bounce (ha!), picked up drinks for the guys at the studio, got Sbux for my husband, dropped off drinks & Sbux AT the studio, then met up with the MIL & SsIL to see Brave – all before 10:30am!  whew!

7/3 – this day was usually a day off for my husband, but instead he spent the last several days at the studio giving 12-14hrs on the upcoming SGM CD.  him coming home is always #thebestpartofmyday but this night, at 11:45pm, it felt especially favorite. 

7/4 – #fun nails for the 4th of July!

7/5 – #onthefloor – sewing curtains for my nieces’ bedroom

7/6 – rows and rows of #chairs all lined up for Molly & Anthony’s wedding the next day!

7/7 – greens picked from someone’s yard for table accents at the wedding.  as close to a #garden as i was gonna get!

7/8 – #lunch at Domenico’s with friends after church

7/9 – my “niece” Georgia turned the #big 3!

7/10 – #yourfavoritecolor is kinda hard since i love color in general!  but i’da have to say that blues and greens are what i love most… and i’ve recently developed a love for purple!

7/11 – groupings of #letters (words) that made me smile

7/12 – i generally prefer the #texture of nectarines over peaches, but that is easily gotten over when a bowlful of cream is involved!

7/13 – it was cloudy and overcast and a little bit sprinkly, making it so very nice and cool out!  enjoyed a book with my window and front door wide #open!

7/14 – my apartment #building – my home and my job right now.

7/15 – when my #finger nails are uber short, i like to paint them bright colors.

7/16 – we got this #sign on our honeymoon.  it currently hangs in the hallway and makes me smile every time i walk by. 

7/17 – #myaddiction hands down.

7/18 – not that i need an excuse, but a friend coming for coffee is a fun reason to make a #plate full of cookies!

7/19 – this soft and snuggly guy was a gift from my youngest sister in law for our first married Christmas.  I’m hoping to give it to our first child.  #animal

7/20 – my parents came to visit!  pretty sure i got my mom’s #eyes.

7/21 – went and watched airplanes land RIGHT OVER OUR HEADS #9oclock

7/22 – #upsidedown – i just passed on this one.  didn’t come across anything that fit and didn’t want to force it / wasn’t feeling very creative. 

7/23 – love having a bathroom #mirror that opens from both sides AND in the middle – makes seeing all angles much easier!

7/24 – i end up talking with a lot of complete #strangers when they stop and stare at the heat damage on my car. 

7/25 – no one told me that my #heart would burst with love for this little guy.  for no other reason than that he is my brother’s son, i love him with all of my #heart.  doesn’t hurt that he is freaking adorable too. 

7/26 – soaking up some #sunshine at Bolsa Chica State Beach

7/27 – #ontheroad – had no idea that Huntington Dr in Monrovia was part of historic route 66!

7/28 – love my brightly colored measuring #cups!

7/29 – well, technically the #lastthingibought was a donut, but that’s not nearly as exciting as the new shoes and jewelry i got!

7/30 – zach had spent all morning working SO hard out in the heat with his dad (home remodeling project) and i was feeling really sluggish.  we both just sort of ended up on the floor… #calm

7/31 – we have his&hers #toothbrushes.  we also have his&hers toothpaste. i know, we’re kinda weird. 


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