3 years married

3 years today!  gosh that seems like such a small number, to be honest.  i think because zach and i have known each other for much longer (9+ years since we met) and were such good friends for several years before we even began courting, it feels like our “togetherness” amounts to much longer than 3 years.  but nope, it is 3 years of marriage today! 

(pictures by the ever lovely lydia jane)

3 seems to be our number thus far.  3 years of marriage… 3 states… 3 apartments… 3 jobs…

marriage continues to be far better than either of us had dreamed.  and i think that falling asleep next to each other every night is only bested by getting to wake up next to each other every morning.

i feel like there’s so much to say… about how much my husband has grown into an even more amazing husband than he was when we got married… about how God has so faithfully led us and sustained us through some big life changes… about how grateful i am for our rhythm of life…the way zach honors and loves me in such humbling and truly Christ-like ways… and yet words seem to fail me… at least, cohesive, blog-worthy words.  ask me in person and i could probably ramble on for hours about how we have grown as man&wife, particularly in the last year…

it’s been a grand and happy adventure every step of the way, and i have a feeling that year 4 may hold even more adventure for us!

PS – check out the fabulous anniversary present zach gave me!


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