first knitting project

i have successfully knit (knitted?) my first project!  i initially tried my hand at knitting back in april on the family camping trip.  it didn’t go so well.  i semi-managed the basic knit and purl stitches, but i felt like a clumsy, bumbling idiot with the needles.  plus, i didn’t have a specific project to work on, so i also lacked motivation.

then the weather began to turn and i began to think about Fall fashion and wearing boots again… which got me thinking about boot cuffs!

they give the look of thick, chunky socks without the actual bulk of the whole sock inside your boot.  so cute!  and, something i thought might be a manageable first knitting project. 

i purchased and downloaded this pattern from etsy (which i realize now was rather unnecessary as the pattern is UBER simple, but hey it was only $5 and it was my first time) and invited my sisters-in-law over for an evening of knitting…. and so they could help teach me what to do!

courtney quickly realized that the needles i was using were WAY too big and most likely the cause of my bumbling frustration.  she let me borrow a set of her much smaller circular needles and everything clicked.  plus, i had a project that i was excited about.  nothing could stop me now! 

i finished the first piece within a couple days while on a little lambros family vaca in oceaside.

i finished the 2nd piece a few days later and whip stitched each of the ends together to make the proper shape.

they’re far from perfect, but i’m thrilled with them nonetheless!  can’t wait to bust them out over leggings.  i think i’d like to make a gray pair as well…

i can’t say that now i’m completely addicted to knitting or anything.  i’m on the lookout for another project, for sure, but i think i still need some time before i decide conclusively how “into” this historical craft i’ll actually get. 


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