unexpectedly moving

so we got a call a couple nights ago that the apartment office that we’ve been working for is letting us go.  apparently they are unhappy with my inability to rent vacancies at the prices the company sets (despite the fact that the prices are unrealistically high and the managers are given no say or control over the prices).  whatever.  so we have 30 days to move. 

i have to admit, while it stings a little bit to be let go – especially for reasons that are rather unjust – zach and i are actually relieved and a little bit excited to be moving on.  we have LOVED living in this quaint little town, but working for this particular management company has been nothing short of a nightmare.  while i haven’t blogged about it much at all, suffice it to say that our experience with the company has honestly consisted of a string of unrealistic expectations, unreasonable demands, condescending behavior, shoddy work and never-ending stress and frustration.  if the job was primarily dealing with the tenants at my building, it would be fine.  i have really wonderful tenants and a relatively calm and quiet building.  but dealing with our employers has been pretty awful and zach and i have actually been talking for several months about how much we are ready to be done with them.  so while the circumstances and timetable aren’t exactly what we had wanted, we are trusting God’s timing through this and choosing to be excited about living in a place where we are simply tenants.  it will be a welcome relief!

we think we have found a new place already, too!  we’re still in the application process and hoping to work out the final details on monday.  and then, Lord willing, we will pack up and move over the following 3 weeks.  please pray that everything works out – we are eager to secure a new home!


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