overdue update part III: we moved!

as you may remember from this blog post, in the midst of all the nauseous-pregnancy-zach’s-mom-in-the-hospital craziness, we also had to move into a new apartment.  ::wideeyes::  it was a little nuts.  but it happened!  and it ONLY happened because we had a SLEW of help.  i have no idea what we would have done if so many people hadn’t helped us so selflessly.

as a means of freeing Zach up to spend time at the hospital and be there for his family, i was attempting to handle most of the move stuff on my own.  i found the new place, made all the arrangements, set up new utility accounts, cancelled/transferred old accounts, dropped off payments, etc etc.  i had emailed a number of ladies in the church asking if they’d be willing to lend me an hour or two of their day to load up their car with random belongings (anything that would fit!), drive it over to the new place and unload it.  i was trying to do more of a “transfer” move of stuff simply from one apartment to the other and thus avoid the hassle of having to put everything into a box, load the box onto a moving truck, unload and then unpack all the boxes.  gratefully, many ladies were willing and available (and had large family cars)!

however, with no end in sight to the nausea and tiredness, it was becoming apparent that i was going to need even more help than i realized. mom to the rescue!  the weekend prior to the move we had originally made plans for my parents to fly out for a fun visit and to go to Disneyland.  but when i started feeling really sick and then when Tami went into the hospital, we all agreed that this was NOT the right time for a fun/Disneyland visit.  so we canceled my dad’s flight.  but instead of cancelling my mom’s, we rescheduled it for 4 days later and flew her out to help me with the moving.  oh. my. gosh.  having my mom there for FOUR DAYS was absolutely worth every penny of her plane ticket 3 times over.  it was truly amazing to have her there around the clock.  she served me in SO many ways: making me food, running errands, talking with me for hours while i laid on the couch… in addition to the moving stuff!  zach had purged and packed up several areas of the apartment that were going on the moving truck, but my mom heroically took care of pretty much everything else.  all the big and little stuff that just had to be moved.  she and diane hannula pretty much packed up, transferred and reset my entire kitchen (which is no small feat – i have a LOT of kitchen stuff)! she made many many trips back and forth between the apartments and helped oversee loading and unloading on both ends. i could cry right now i’m still so grateful she came.

with the help of many kind and heroic women (and their kids!), we got the entire apartment, minus the heavy boxes and larger furniture items moved on friday and saturday.  two of zach’s friends – ryan & jonathan baird – had offered to oversee the “man move” (as i called it).  they took care of contacting a group of guys, renting the truck and moving ALL of our furniture to the new place.  they had a team of about 8 guys and they knocked it all out in less than 2 hours! and it was no easy thing either – especially the unloading part.  one of the sectionals of our couch was too big for the stairway landing (did i mention our new place is on the 2nd floor?) so they hiked it up on top of the car port and in through the kitchen window!  there are even (cell phone) pictures to prove it:

it was hilarious.  and i am so so grateful for all the men – young and “experienced” – who gave up their sunday afternoon to help us move!  it was a tremendous blessing!

so the new place is…fine.  haha, i’ll admit, neither of us love it.  this was very much a practical move – it had to be done and it had to be done quickly.  the important thing was finding a place to live and this apartment fit all the necessary criteria – sufficient space, within budget and available right away.  it works for us for now.  it is only a couple of miles south of our old place so we are still in the same general area and actually a couple miles closer to zach’s work, which is nice.  and there are lots of little things i’m grateful for in the new place – top of my list is: windows!  there are multiple windows on 3 sides of the apartment that let in LOTS of natural light.  the old place was sort of tucked away in a corner and while it stayed cool and relatively quiet, nearly all the light had to come from bulbs.  not my favorite.  second on my list is that it’s upstairs.  that may sound crazy to some of you, but we’ve had a lower level apartment since we got married and i was ready for a break from the noise above us.  thirdly, we are now in an area serviced by a MUCH better, faster and cheaper internet provider!  so we are content and thankful that God has provided a place for us when we needed it. 

(oh and if anyone needs our new address, shoot me a message!  or, if we’re facebook friends, i’ve added our address to my info so you should be able to view it there.) 



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