pregnancy update + Catalina Trip

Pregnancy Update

i am 15 weeks today!  aaand rapidly losing hope for that “glorious 2nd trimester” that so many speak of, where you get all your energy back and feel practically back to normal except for your growing belly.  yeah, not even close.  i AM feeling better than before, and far more functional in most things, and for that i am grateful.  i just still feel pretty “off” all the time.  tired and off.  i have this weird indigestion/heartburn thing that flares up off and on at the base of my throat tickling my gag reflex and making me feel like i might hurl at any given moment, despite not feeling sick in my stomach.  sometimes it’s really painful and sometimes it’s just annoying.  i pretty much have to eat something every 2 hours to keep from feeling awful.  i can go from “i’m starting to get hungry” to “i feel horrible” in about 20 minutes, so eating regularly – or even preventatively – is crucial.  not gonna lie – i’m kind of sick of eating at this point.  especially when it wakes me up at 6am and won’t let me go back to sleep until i’ve eaten! i’m trying to eat more balanced meals, but feeling “off” still inhibits that a bit.  chicken and beef remain less than appealing although i can manage both in certain forms (lasagna, chicken nuggets, roasted chicken, etc).  subway remains my best friend – spicy italian with spinach and lots of pickles!  coffee still sounds nasty although chai and hot chocolate are making a comeback.  french toast is my new go-to breakfast.  basically it’s a way for me to still get some protein in the form of an egg or 2 without having to eat them scrambled (which i just can’t handle anymore these days).   but like i said, i am much more functional now.  actually, getting out of the house and doing errands/projects are really helpful distractions! 

here’s the bump from last monday at 14weeks:

i actually look pretty small from this angle… i think i’m starting to get used to having the belly.  some mornings i wake up, get out of bed and look down to check if it’s still there because i didn’t really “feel” it at first.  aaaand some days i get up and practically waddle out of bed and feel absolutely HUGE.  it’s hilarious.  thankfully i’m totally showing enough now that i obviously look pregnant.  i’ve had complete strangers make pregnancy comments to me and i excitedly tell zach “they looked at me and KNEW i was pregnant!”  HAHAHA  i graduated to maternity pants several weeks ago (my regular jeans hit me too high on my waist to fudge it any more, even using the band) but can still make most of my winter tops and a couple of dresses work for now.  speaking of the belly – i’ve felt a few slight flutters over the last couple weeks!  all slight and internal, but flutters for sure!  

some of you have asked and yes, we ARE going to try and find out what we’re having!  middle to end of january is when we can go for it – hopefully he/she won’t be feeling super shy….

i have completely redefined “busy” and my expectations for what can be accomplished each day are drastically reduced.  it’s SO good for me to move at a slower pace of life – and excellent preparation for motherhood, i’m sure!  i’m taking things one day at a time…


Catalina Island Overnight

as you may know/remember, zach proposed to me on Catalina Island, and we’ve been talking about going back for a visit ever since.  well, a few months ago i saw a billboard advertising a special promotion for the catalina express ferry – a free roundtrip ride on your birthday!

given that the ferry ride is usually $75/person – getting a free ticket is kind of a big deal!  i checked to see which day of the week zach’s birthday was on and was elated to discover that it was a sunday!  we excitedly began making plans for a short, overnight trip to catalina.  we got a basic hotel room reservation for $100 via orbitz and made our reservations.  the trip was less than 24 hours total but it was perfect for us. 

riding the ferry over:

we trekked out to the rocky coastline and tried to find the approximate spot where zach popped the question.  it was surprisingly warm that day.  actually, i’m quite sure it was hotter than the day he proposed in march!  that being the case, we made quick business of snapping a picture and then heading back toward the shaded areas and the town for cold drinks haha!

sort of the spot?

if you have the money and are not pregnant, there are lots of cool excursions to do on the island: from scuba diving to glass-bottom boat rides to bison spotting jeep tours to parasailing. seeing as how we 1) were on a bit more of a budget 2) are pregnant and 3) made it a quick trip, we opted to simply spend the day sleeping in, strolling along the coastline town of Avalon and enjoying drinks, shopping, getting lunch, ice cream, etc… 

zach enjoyed taking several pregnancy pictures of me:

and we bought our baby their first onesie!

we both agreed that it was the perfect little getaway for us and it was really special to go back expecting our first child! 


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