settling in

we are here in arizona and settling in.  the goodbyes last Sunday made my heart ache.  it was weird hugging the family in the church lobby and then just driving away.  like any old sunday.  except completely difference.  zach and i agree that it hasn’t fully sunk in yet that we’ve moved away.  i’m sure it will hit harder in different ways at different times.

we arrived in gilbert sunday evening with time to unload the car and then grab dinner with some friends, since my parents weren’t home.  and the very next morning, zach reported for work at 7am.  talk about hitting the road running!  this past week felt SO full.  zach spent 2 days on “desk duty” studying and learning the new airport and then got to move upstairs to the tower to begin actually talking to airplanes!  thus far his supervisor and manager seem really great and have expressed a lot of encouragement and a strong desire to see zach succeed here.  we are already seeing waves of God’s favor wash over us in all sorts of small ways – from a schedule that will still allow zach to go to church on sunday mornings, to a manager who is extremely experienced and well known and willing to help zach move forward in his career even beyond Falcon Field. the other day, while on an official “tour” of the airport and surrounding areas, zach got to explore a WWII B-17 bomber plane that is housed on site.  kid in a candy store, i tell ya…  he is REALLY happy at this new facility and REALLY excited about the opportunities and the challenges it presents.  it’s a higher level facility with more traffic and a higher standard/expectation for the controllers, which zach finds exhilarating.  it makes my heart burst with joy to see him so excited, challenged and inspired.  it’s a blessing in itself to know that my husband has a relatively stable job that amply provides for us – and even more so a job that he LOVES and really feels is his calling and his gifting.  i am frequently overwhelmed by gratefulness to God for such bountiful gifts. 

here at “home,” i spent the week unpacking and setting up our little rooms.  my parents have given us 2 bedrooms to use, plus the bathroom.  even though all we really had was clothes, bathroom stuff and desk/office stuff, i still felt a little overwhelmed at first by the unpacking.  maybe i’m just sick of packing/moving/unpacking?  but i pushed through and we’re feeling much more settled now.  i’m looking forward to really digging into the 2nd bedroom – Jack’s nursery!  we have fun plans for decorating it with airplanes!

i am continually amazed at the blessing we are receiving by living with my parents.  it is a HUGE means of provision for us in the ability to save up for a down payment on a house SO much faster than if we were renting an apartment.  but it is also just FUN!  for the last 2 years i have been a stay-at-home-wife and have enjoyed the peace and quiet and solitude of the home all to myself, so i wasn’t sure what it would be like living with other people around.  but i am loving it.  the hardest part is staying focused on my own tasks and not following my mom around all day talking to her!  she watches my nephew a couple days a week and it’s been really fun having that cutie around.

we also acquired a new “family member” just before leaving pasadena!  meet Tilney:

he used to be my in-law’s dog, but their season of life right now is no longer conducive to caring for a dog and he needed to find a new home.  zach and i eagerly volunteered!  i’ve actually been wanting a dog for a couple years, but we didn’t want to have a dog while in an apartment and frankly, i wasn’t sure i was up for training a puppy.  Tilney (named for the lead male character in Jane Austen’s Northanger Abbey) is the perfect solution.  he’s 4 years old, already house trained, and pretty much the exact same breed as the dog i used to have.  so rather last minute – when my parents consented to let us bring a dog along! – we loaded Tilney into the car with us.  i have to say, i am LOVING having a dog again.  he’s SO cute.  he follows me around almost everywhere and is quite snuggly.  and the whole family loves him too.  he’s just perfect for us and i’m thrilled. 


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