misc pregnancy update

why hello, 3rd trimester – so good to see you!

took this picture at 28 weeks.  can’t believe i’m in the home stretch!  life has been a bit of a whirlwind since getting pregnant and there were many times where the 3rd trimester felt like an eternity away.

some random stuff…
– most days i feel pretty good, all things considered.  i’m getting bigger and bigger and still have to rest a lot, but managing to stay active and relatively productive.  i’m definitely experiencing plenty of miscellaneous discomforts like waking up with swollen and sore joints in my hands and hips each morning….rolling over in bed gets more and more hilarious… but these are all normal aspects of pregnancy and i really can’t complain.
– despite my ability to remain relatively active, i still find myself needing more sleep.  with the added strain of starting a new job, zach and i are BOTH ready to hit the hay most nights by 8pm.  we try and hold out until at least 9 or so, just to remain respectable.  ::wink::  and i typically take a nap or at least a rest each afternoon.  i’ve found that a really busy/full day can really wipe me out and often necessitates a day with lost of rest afterwards.  i initially battled a lot of guilt over sleeping and resting so much – feeling like i was just being lazy – but i came to the conclusion that i will most likely never have a season like this again (pregnant, not working, no other kids/major responsibilities) and it is quite ok for me to take full advantage of it.  next pregnancy will likely be VERY different.
– my appetite has taken a huge dive since the 3rd trimester started.  i may wake up pretty hungry and i usually manage to get in a good breakfast, but that’s the extent of my interest in food.  except for sugar.  yeeeeah my sweet tooth has made a dramatic re-appearance.  mostly in the form of carby treats and sweet drinks.  i’ve been doing my best to keep it in check, but let’s just be real here:  sonic strawberry limeades have become a pretty regular occurrence… (doesn’t help that there’s one 1/2 mile away and the drinks are half price every day from 2-4pm!)

baby jack – and my belly – continue to grow!  here’s a picture from this past monday (@ 31 weeks):

i’ve picked up a few more clothing items to get me through the next 2 months.  i’ve actually had better success finding clothes that are longer and stretchy than clothes that are specifically “maternity.”  last summer i made a super comfy skirt using an elastic bobbin and a thrifted men’s tshirt and thought “this would be awesome during pregnancy!” definitely a more comfortable alternative to maternity shorts.  so a couple weeks ago i trotted off to Goodwill and came back with 3 shirts that i quickly converted to skirts using this tutorial.  the end result:

i’m definitely kicking into project mode again.  granted, they happen much more slowly these days, but they are happening!  someone gave me a boppy to use, but they had a girl so the cover was pink.  pinterest to the rescue with a super simple pattern and instructions on making your own boppy cover!  i purchased some special fabric (found by my friend ruth, who is also using it as part of an amazing quilt she is making for jack!) and set to work.  i’m quite happy with how it turned out!

our close friends, josh & courtney, JUST adopted twins (boy & girl) and got to bring them home the same week we rolled into town!  we are over-the-moon excited for them and were also very eager to meet little ezra & hazel.  courtney snapped this picture of ezra “meeting” jack for the first time.  future BFFs, i’m sure of it!


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