so… kind of a funny story…

shortly after we moved to gilbert, zach and i made a trip to IKEA to get a desk for our bedroom.  while deliberating between 2 options, this lady approached me.  she was very nice looking and affable and said that she works for an art studio in downtown phoenix and is looking for pregnant ladies who might be willing to participate in a fundraiser for a women’s shelter.  her studio is doing a project where they have volunteer artists paint on pregnant bellies and then photographers take pictures (of the bellies only) and they auction off the photos as beautiful representations of the life growing within.  noticing that i was pregnant, she gave me her number if i was interested in “donating” my time and my belly as a sort of “canvas” for the project.  zach and i talked and thought it sounded kind of interesting and cool and decided to go for it.  it took a couple of phone calls and emails to get everything set up, but a few weeks later we drove down to the art studio for the painting. 

prior to the evening, the main gal had asked if we had any inspiration ideas or themes that we were going with that she might use.  i mentioned that we were planning to do Jack’s nursery with an airplane theme, so maybe something with airplanes?  i was quick to clarify that i am NOT an artistic visionary by any stretch, so feel free to do whatever.  she seemed excited about the airplane idea and said she’d pass it along to the artist.  ::shrug::  ok, sounds good.

so we show up and the volunteer “artist” is like, 19 years old and has a plastic bag of paints that look like she swung into JoAnn’s or Michaels and picked up on her way over.  um, ok.  so i bared my belly and she began to paint.  she finally finished an hour later… and it was seriously all i could do to keep a straight face.  this is what she painted on my belly:

just to be clear, it’s a pacifier in the baby pilot’s mouth, not a gas mask.  and yes, the center of the propeller is my belly button.

i was just… i mean i kinda thought… yeah.  i don’t even know. 

i kept thinking to myself “it looks like a 12 year old painted an airplane on my stomach!  this is so awful, it’s freaking hilarious!”  zach and i got back in the car and i literally busted up laughing until there were tears running down my cheeks.  it was just so unbelievably bad, all we could do was laugh.

there was also another pregnant lady there having her belly painted at the same time – and it was a night-and-day difference.  the other artist was older and really seemed to know what she was doing; not to mention, what she painted turned out BEAUTIFULLY.  so it was clearly a result of a poorly chosen artist in my case.

oh well.  i was simply the canvas.  and the paint washed off easily in the shower. 

we’re just chalking it up to a funny story that we’ll continue to laugh about into the future. 

“hey remember that time when i was pregnant with jack and had my belly painted for some charity cause?”


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