post partum brain & an “anne” moment

i didn’t suffer much from “pregnancy brain” as they call it.  hardly at all.  but is there such a thing as “post partum brain”?  cuz if there is, i totally have it. 

for instance… i did quite a bit of driving on monday, went all the way up to phoenix/peoria to see several friends and a set of grandparents who had not yet met Jack.  as i’m on the freeway i thought, oh!  i should check that passenger tire – it’s been getting low lately.  i should make sure to check it in case it needs air before i head back.  then i kept forgetting to check it.  at lunch with raigan (my 3rd stop) i told her, “don’t let me forget to check my tire before i leave!”  i even had the lady at Paradise Bakery give me $1 of my change back in quarters in case the tire did indeed need to be pumped up a bit before driving back home.  i DID remember to check the tire and it looked fine.  i visited my grandparents, got gas and then got on the freeway headed back to pick zach up from work.  i’m literally 30 minutes into the 45min drive when suddenly i remember – zach had taken the car up and had the passenger tire replaced on saturday – 2 days ago.  

or last wednesday when i went grocery shopping with jack for the first time.  i loaded the groceries into the car, got jack’s carseat locked in, collapsed and loaded the stroller into the trunk, dumped the diaper bag in the front seat, went around and got in the driver’s seat and started to pull forward… when i realized that the car door on jack’s side was still open!  thankfully i had only pulled forward a few feet.  but still!  yikes! 

i also had an “anne” [of avonlea] moment… remember that part where anne gets so frustrated with her jersey cow escaping and getting into the nearby farmer’s fields and, in a frustrated, emotional moment, sells the cow on the spot… only to realize upon getting home that her cow was still in it’s pen and that it had been rachel lynde’s cow that she actually sold?  i felt much like anne last week after making a rather impulsive, emotional decision that ended poorly.  see, although i experienced practically no swelling in my ankles or feet during my pregnancy, i did have swelling in my hands – specifically my knuckles.  about 25 weeks in, my wedding ring was getting bit snug and so, just to play it safe, i bought a cheap-o fake ring to wear instead.  now that i’m no longer pregnant, i’ve been dying to wear my real wedding ring again – but the swelling hasn’t gone down enough.  i’ve tried a couple times and it just won’t go on.  well, the other day i thought to myself, you know, if i could just get it past my knuckle, it would be fine!  my finger is smaller below my knuckle.  so in a moment of impatient emotion i decided to just work it really hard and force it past my knuckle. and i did!  and i immediately realized that my finger was not quite as small past my knuckle as i thought it was.  oops.  yeeeeah the ring was a bit too snug for comfort.  i mean, it wasn’t cutting off circulation or anything, but it definitely was too snug.  aaaand it was definitely NOT coming off the way it went on.  lotion, oil, soaking it in ice water to reduce the swelling, elevating it.  yeah no.  crap.  i totally had to drive to the jewelry store (where i bought it, thankfully, which is only 2 miles away) and have them CUT OFF MY WEDDING RING.  i’m not even kidding. 

after taking care to not wear it too far into the pregnancy in order to avoid such an extreme measure, i ended up having it cut off anyway because i was impatient.  ugh, i’m so stupid!  my gut told me not to force it and did i listen?  no.  sigh.  the lady at the jewelry store was super understanding and reassuring about the whole thing, actually.  apparently cutting rings off is far more common than i realized and she didn’t even bat an eye.  she kindly gave me a box to keep the ring in and just said to wait until my knuckles/fingers were back to a normal size and then bring the ring back in for re-sizing.

lesson learned.  for sure.


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