new [to us] car!

zach and i are now the excited owners of a 2003 hyundai santa fe! 

we had talked about selling zach’s motorcycle and buying a 2nd car (that can hold a car seat) once we moved to arizona. while the motorcycle worked really well for us in pasadena, between the heat and the difference in motorcycle laws, it became significantly impractical to own a motorcycle here in arizona.  and while we still haven’t sold his motorcycle yet, when my parents offered to sell us their santa fe, we decided to go for it!  (they, in turn, bought a slightly newer version from my grandpa – we did a little “santa fe shuffle”.)  when it comes to buying a used car we thought, hey, at least in this situation we know the sellers are honest, can give us a full history of the car, are available for any questions, and have truly taken excellent care of the car – not to mention are giving us a very good deal!  it’s a great family car that will hopefully serve us well if/when (Lord willing WHEN) our family grows even more in the future!

front interior:

from the back – love the hatch-style opening and how nicely my oversized (double) stroller fits in the back.  MUCH better than the trunk of our mazda 6.


naturally, we had to get another wall-e decal to match the one we have on the other car:

we’ve noticed that many of jack’s random and funny facial expressions remind us of calvin:

so we got this calvin & hobbes decal for the window on jack’s side of the car:

we totally want jack – and any other boys we have – to be adventurous, witty and active little boys like calvin, making this even more apropos. this particular decal is also part of my and zach’s history together – i had given him this same decal back in 2006 and we each had one on our respective cars for several years!

zach will now use the mazda as his “commuter” car primarily for going back and forth to work and we are still working on selling his motorcycle.  it’s only been a week but i am already LOVING have a car of “my own” to drive.  it is sooooo nice to not have to wait until zach gets home, or his days off, or borrow my mom’s car if i need to run an errand, go grocery shopping, want to meet up with friends, get a ride home from church, etc.!  we are so grateful for God’s provision for us to buy this car!


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