how we chose Jack’s name

i love reading other friends’ stories about how and why they chose a particular name for their child(ren) so i thought i would post about our choosing of Jack’s name!  so here you have it:

we liked it.

the end.

ha, ok not totally.  but pretty much yeah.  we just both really love the name Jack.  we weren’t really into name meanings and we didn’t feel strongly about choosing family names.  we simply chose a name we loved.  and we felt like Jack was a strong, masculine name that works for both a little boy and a man.

aaaand not gonna lie… in many tv shows and movies, Jack is VERY frequently used for the awesome guys who are strong, confident, patriotic, leading men.

Jack Bauer from 24 was our big favorite:

but we also thought of Jack Ryan from Tom Clancy’s novels:

Jack Bristow from Alias:

and Jack Carter from Eureka:


not that we want Jack to go into tv or movies (ha!  no thank you), but we DO want him to grow up and be a confident leader, defender of truth & justice, patriotic, masculine & strong, etc.  we want him to love God with all of his heart and to live his life with passion, make mistakes at full speed and stand for what he believes.  it would also be nice if he knew how to handle a gun…

also, i personally prefer that my kids have names that are fairly easy to spell, pronounce, and clearly indicate their gender.  Jack definitely fits all of those.

in regards to his middle name – or lack thereof – this option originated because frankly, we were having trouble coming up with a name we really liked paired with Jack.  i actually started to get a tad cynical and overly practical about it, thinking, why do we even HAVE middle names anyway? i mean, MOST people never use their middle name… and other than your family and close friends, how many people’s middle names do you even KNOW?!  middle names seem pointless and dumb.  HAHA!

then it occurred to me – not having a middle name is actually something of a Boomsma male “tradition” of sorts.  neither zach, his dad nor his grandpa have middle names.  perfect!  we could give a nod to the family, uphold the tradition, and escape having to come up with a middle name when we were having so much trouble.

so there it is.  the not-so-deep, slightly-superficial-but-we-don’t-mind explanation of Jack’s name.


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