New Blog Location!

so I hopped on to my laptop this morning to throw up a quick update + picture post (since it’s been waaaay too long since i last posted) only to discover that xanga had gone through a major upgrade/overhaul and all non-premium (translate: too cheap to PAY for a blog) users’ sites were GONE!  i couldn’t even view old posts or anything!  after freaking out remaining calm, i poked around a bit and discovered that they had thankfully created a way to download all my archives and migrate them over to a wordpress blog.

deep down i knew something like this would happen eventually, given that i was using a very old school blog.  but since i have had over a decade of my life on that thing, i was reluctant to switch.  now i have been forced to!

so here we are – the new blog location.  not all of the links and pictures transferred successfully, so please be patient with me as i slowly go through and correct the last couple years’ worth.  :-/

baby update coming soon!



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