Jack update

basically for anyone not on Instagram…  🙂

here are some pictures of Jack and what we’ve been up to lately!

Jack LOOOOVES his daddy!  whether it’s playing games on the iphone…


taking a shower…

or working on the computer (and sucking on fingers)…

Jack loves hanging out with Daddy!

he also loves reading books:

once we discovered how mesmerizing he found tv/computer/iphone screens, we decided we’d better introduce books STAT!  it’s been a huge success so far, and while i’m already a little tired of reading “brown bear, brown bear, what do you see?” Jack seems to remain fascinated by the colors and shapes and mommy’s accompanying voice.

at the beginning of september, the 3 of us had a little getaway at a hotel in scottsdale for 3 nights to celebrate our 4th anniversary.  the hotel actually has special meaning for us because we were there 12 months ago celebrating our 3rd anniversary – and now we got to go back with our 3month old.  (feel free to do the math on that one, haha!)

jack took a nice nap poolside while we enjoyed the cool water and warm breeze and read…

he doesn’t seem to like the water yet…

he’s pretty much just the cutest little bubbus ever:

we were in california last week for zach’s sister’s wedding and jack was a total trooper amidst a near-complete lack of schedule or routine.  however, he seems to have come home in a funk and is not sleeping as well during the night.  after the 3rd night of him waking up 3+ times, i am highly motivated to do a little “boot camp” scheduling action and hopefully get him sleeping through the night on a regular basis!


One thought on “Jack update

  1. Love seeing pics of Little Man!…thank you for blogging and sharing your life in words and pictures…it helps ease the the disappointment of not being able to “do life” with you guys. We regularly replay all your videos when we need a little “Jack-fix”. 🙂

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