i enjoy being in the kitchen to begin with, but there is something about when Fall and Christmas roll around that just make me want to BAKE ALL THE THINGS!
this year is no exception and i thought i’d share some recipes i’ve recently made and recommend.  🙂

(note: pictures are all from the websites where the recipes originated – they aren’t mine!)

this cinnamon sugar biscotti from annie’s eats is fantastic – my personal favorite! Screen shot 2013-12-04 at 12.20.33 PM
and before you balk at the stereotypical idea of biscotti (dry and crumbly), let me assure you, these biscottis may be on the crunchier side but they are still pretty moist and flavorful.  absolutely wonderful with a cup of coffee or tea.  annie’s eats also has a chocolate biscotti which is excellent as well!  i haven’t made it yet this year but i am planning to!

pears were on sale recently so i bought several and made a pear upside gingerbread cake that was VERY tasty.

being fresh back from visiting zach’s dutch grandparents in michigan and enjoying lots of almond flavored treats (very common flavoring in dutch pastries, etc), i tried my hand at a pear almond galette.  total hit.  it was delicious!

i’m a huge sucker for all the traditional “fall” flavorings – apple, cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, allspice, cloves, etc.  one morning i had a hankering for waffles, so i made apple cider waffles!  the “apple cider” flavor and spices wasn’t as pronounced as i would have preferred, but they were still good.  even better the next day when i thawed the extra and ate them with the apple butter i had brought home with us from Crane’s Orchard in michigan!

speaking of breakfast… and michigan for that matter… bethany made a scrumptious baked oatmeal while i was visiting her.  i have made it 3 times already since coming home.  it’s especially good with lightly sweetened almond milk poured over.  and i’ve found it to be surprisingly filling – much more than regular oatmeal.  must be the egg?

on a savory note… i’m excited to try these rosemary crockpot rolls tomorrow to go with the soup i’m making for us to enjoy while we watch The Sound of Music Live!  and as a treat for later, i’m making cinnamon churro chex mix (a recipe i’ve had on my “food to make” pinterest board for over a year and JUST recently stumbled across cinnamon chips at the store – so excited to try it)!


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