i am severely underpaid ;)

the other night zach and i were talking about our current house project (basically remodeling the entire interior of the home we bought back in october) and he says to me, “the other day i found myself wondering… how do other people DO stuff like this?  and so fast?!  not crazy rich people, but normal people like us?  and then it dawned on me…. they have TWO incomes.  oh right…”

thankfully, my husband and i are fully on the same page about having me stay home full time and devote my days exclusively to being a wife and a mom.  and right now, that’s not bringing in any additional income.  and also thankfully, my husband has a really great job that he not only LOVES but that also provides very well for us.  but it doesn’t mean there aren’t monetary sacrifices that go with being a stay at home mom.  this house project for example – choosing to have me not work outside the home means that we chose to do the remodel largely ourselves.  as in nearly all things in life, you pay in time or you pay in money.  sometimes paying in money is totally worth saving the time.  sometimes it’s worth the extra time (and work) to save the money.  in this case of our house, it’s the latter.  and it takes extra time for these projects as well because having a baby greatly limits the amount of work and help *i* am able to contribute.  zach is doing 95% of the work ON TOP OF his full time job.  i know.  crazy.  and incredible.  and hot.  😉

recently i came across a few things that outline the “worth” of a stay at home mom based on the work she does daily (and sometimes nightly!).

fun image/chart: What Is a Stay At Home Mom’s Work Worth?

blog post: Why My Wife’s Job Is Harder Than Mine

not that a monetary value can be placed on any mother’s work (whether she works inside or outside the home), but i find things like this fun.  plus, it’s encouraging sometimes to realize – especially when money is tight (or it’s not, but you still have to pay attention because it’s not like you have a money tree in the backyard) –  that choosing not to work outside the home does have significant financial ramifications.    they’re good reminders that while i’m not paid in dollar bills for the work that i do, it in no way means that my work is any less legitimate or valuable.  it’s just a different type of value.  🙂

(HT to my sis in law Jess and fellow SAHM, by whom i came across these 2 links)


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