House Update!

Soooo what started out as “oh just some paint, a little minor construction and some updating” on the house has become essentially remodeling the entire interior.  ::wide eyes::

Between encountering set backs, adding some extra projects, and Zach getting scheduled for mandatory overtime at work 3 of the 4 weeks in December… our estimated date of move-in has been optimistically pushed to the end of March.  It’s slow going since Zach only has his days off to work on it.  And we  haven’t been able to enlist the help of friends and family much because A) some of the projects have been 1-person jobs or required specific skills and B) Zach’s days off are in the middle of the week when everyone else is working.  We’re hoping to plan a couple work evenings here in the near future where we CAN ask friends and family for help to knock out a few things quickly.

Here are some pictures of the stuff we’ve been working on lately.  And by “we,” I mean “pretty much all Zach.”  (btw, all “before” pictures are the ones posted by the previous owner on the listing)

one of the biggest projects has been the staircase…

we decided to:
– replace the carpet with stained wood treads
– replace the metal railing with wooden ballusters and newel posts
– make a better use of the space beneath the stairs by enclosing it into a closet with a built-in bookcase on the front

As Zach started pulling up the carpet and the old stairs, the stringers (support beams for the entire staircase) either already were, or started to, crack.  So he basically ended up rebuilding the ENTIRE staircase.
IMG_9031  IMG_9415

The treads came out beautifully!  We LOVE the stained wood!

I was THRILLED with how the built-in bookcase turned out.  It was exactly what we had envisioned!

We also removed the weird/lame plant shelf thing that was on the landing.
IMG_9410 IMG_9405

The ballusters and newel posts will all be painted white.  The top handrail will be stained and curved like the 2nd pic:
IMG_9402  IMG_9403

Zach installed small can lights above the staircase to provide some much needed extra light:

Trimming out the newel posts is the last step before painting.  2 down, 5 more to go!
IMG_9495  IMG_9492

Zach has really LOVED working with wood.  He trimmed out the entryway between the living room and the kitchen and it turned out fabulously!  We are going for sleek, simple and straight.  A little nod to the California Craftsman style that we both really love:

Zach has also removed 80% of the popcorn ceilings and I have been working on mudding the walls.  Neither of us care for textured walls so we decided to make them smooth.  Neither project is expensive, but they ARE rather tedious and labor intensive.  Removing the popcorn ceiling was definitely needed to update the house and help with eventual resale value.  Making the walls smooth was simply a matter of preference and not the kind of thing you can do after moving in, so if it was something we really wanted (which it was), it was now or never.  Choosing to do BOTH projects was probably not our brightest move (HA!) and potentially the 2nd biggest reason for delaying our progress/move-in date.  Oh well – we’re almost done now.

We’re hoping the next several weeks bring a greater sense of forward movement and momentum.  Painting, installing the floors (laminate wood), trim/baseboards and installing the kitchen (we completely gutted it) are the biggest things to be finished prior to moving.  Most of the rest of the stuff (new light fixtures, medicine cabinets, hardware on the kitchen drawers, and all the decorative elements, etc) can be completed and/or worked on once we’re in.

Whew!  It’s exhausting work sometimes but we are really excited about all the ways we get to make this house beautiful and OURS!


2 thoughts on “House Update!

  1. You guys are so inspiring! The staircase is breathtaking even in this unfinished state! I can’t wait to see the full “after” photos!

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