house update – buy all the things!

today was a very fun and exciting day on the house remodel front!  we received a substantial tax return this year (yay for buying a house AND having a baby in 2013!) and thus were able to purchase several big ticket items as well as a few smaller items.

i found the PERFECT refrigerator on craigslist for exactly as much as i was willing to pay, along with a pretty decent dishwasher for a steal.

yesterday i ordered our flooring:


and also the kitchen!  we decided to get our kitchen cabinets from IKEA.  we went with the AKURUM style, except in pure white (not off-white like in the picture below):

i’m particularly stoked about the cabinet below that we are getting to serve as my pantry, since the house doesn’t have a pantry and i prefer not to use regular kitchen cabinets for food:

ALL of the kitchen cabinets will be delivered to the house tomorrow afternoon.  eek!!!

the kitchen sink is already sitting in the garage, with the faucet coming from amazon tomorrow…
kitchen sink kitchen faucet

along with the downstairs bathroom vanity, faucet and light fixture:
bathroom light fixturebathroom vanity bathroom faucet

(i’m kind of weird and like super basic faucets…)

as you may notice, we are going with a very simple look, lots of straight lines, etc.  after living in an apartment for the first 3.5 years of marriage, i’m ready for a house where it doesn’t feel like there’s never enough space to put everything.  i told zach i would rather err on the side of things looking bare rather than risk having it look cluttered.

two of the most exciting parts of today were…

1. finding 10 gallons of “reject” paint at lowes (that we can use for primer on all the walls) for only $50!!!  normal price would have been $300!!!  God’s sovereignty in the timing of zach finding and snagging the paint was unbelievable.  it may sound silly and little, but it was HUGE for us and i was truly in awe of God’s kindness over such a tiny blessing!

2. getting our couch!  we drove out to this random place i had found via craigslist.  it was in a rougher part of phoenix and seemed a tad sketch.  but the prices advertised were amazing enough to at least go check it out.  and boy am i glad we did!  there were actually a TON of really nice furniture pieces for amazing prices!  we scored a couch, love seat and chair for less than $500!

we got this set:

but in this color scheme:

it all came brand spankin’ new, sealed in the box.  i. am. thrilled.

also making some good headway on the construction/remodel work.  it can be slow going sometimes, with zach being the only one working over there.  but tomorrow night he’s got some guys coming to help him knock out some of the small stuff that just needs to get DONE.  we’re essentially chugging away toward getting the house ready for paint.  once we’re ready to paint and then actually DO paint, the floors can go in, the kitchen can go in and then WE can move in!

current projected move date is april 1st and we are very optimistic about that date!


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