We’re Having a Girl!

Since we had nearly all the family and closest friends all together in one place at Jack’s birthday party, we thought that would be a great time and place for a gender reveal of baby #2! Aaaand it worked out perfectly that Jack’s party fell on my 19 week mark so we could schedule the anatomy ultrasound for that very morning!

The ultrasound tech was wonderful, talking us through each thing she was looking at/for and reporting the various measurements, etc and how everything she saw appeared very healthy and normal. We had told her that we did want to find out the gender, just not at that moment, and she was great about doing a quick check without us even realizing it. We had her write down the gender on an index card and seal it in an envelope, which I then took to Party City and had them fill a black balloon with corresponding confetti after I left. The plan was to pop the balloon with everyone gathered and all discover the gender at once!

It kinda worked. The Party City employee used the iridescent confetti from the 3-part package with only a couple of the larger, bright pink pieces and upon popping the balloon, it took us several seconds to correctly identify what color had actually come out! HA!

We are overjoyed at God’s gift to us of a baby GIRL! Zach totally called it from the beginning. I, on the other hand, wasn’t so confident. Granted, nearly everything about this pregnancy has been completely different than my pregnancy with Jack, but that is not necessarily a gender indicator. Maybe it is/will be for me, but I don’t have enough children to make that call, haha. As people asked me what I was hoping for or wanted, I honestly found myself torn. There were such wonderful reasons to desire both! On the one hand, since Jack and this baby are only going to be 17ish months apart, the idea of it being a boy was very appealing – brothers and buddies so close in age! I loved it! Plus I already have lots of boy clothes and they will be sharing a room for the next couple years at least and the room is already decorated for boys. On the other hand, I do very deeply desire to have a daughter and it would be nice to sort of “lock that in” and get one of each right off the bat. And I mean come on, the girl clothes are off-the-charts adorable. Oh the fun to be had with outfits and hairbows and accessories! By the time the anatomy ultrasound day came, I still felt torn but if I was being honest, I would have to admit that I was hoping for a girl a teensy bit more than I was hoping for a boy. 🙂

And a girl it is!

(And in case you’re wondering, they will still be sharing a room while we live in this house and I’m not planning to redecorate. The corner of the room where she will eventually be sleeping is still a little blank so I’m planning to put some sweet, girly decor up there. A pink airplane, perhaps? 😉 )

Chloë Delaine is the name Zach and I have chosen for her. We have had the name Chloë picked out since before we were married. It was one of those things where we were having fun discussing potential children’s names and Zach said, “I’ve always really liked the name Chloë” and I said, “That’s pretty. I like it too!” And it’s been our #1 pick ever since. Aaaaand we may or may not have later realized the “Jack and Chloë” connection from 24 and thought, “You know, we are totally ok with that!”

Her middle name, Delaine, is actually very meaningful for me as it is the middle name of my best friend, Raigan. Raigan and I have been friends for over a decade and have such a storehouse of memories, conversations, road trips, laughs, tears, sleep overs, jokes, and wonderful times together. She was a HUGE part of my relationship with Zach, there for pretty much every single part of our story and culminating in being the maid of honor at our wedding. Despite living in 2 different states for 2 years, we have stayed close and even grown closer.  I am so happy to get to name my daughter after someone so dear to me.


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