2015 Goals

Last year I had one goal: to read my bible every day.  No matter how much or how little I read, I wanted to prioritize it at least to the extent that I made SOME time for it every single day.  And while I knew that there was definitely a chance I wouldn’t make it 365 days, I was determined to get as close to that number as possible.

I’m excited to report that I read my bible 360 out of 365 days!  And in all fairness, 2 of the days that it didn’t happen were the week following Chloe’s birth.  Given how difficult her delivery and my recovery was (story coming soon!), I’m not surprised at all that reading didn’t happen a couple of days.  The other 3 days that I missed were scattered throughout the year and on those days I simply forgot.  Didn’t prioritize it earlier in the day and by the end of the day I had forgotten about it altogether.  But still – missing 5 days out of 365 means I missed less than 2% of the time.  I am pretty happy with that!

One of my goals for 2015 is to keep reading my Bible every day but to not settle for just getting it done.  I want to press harder into a deeper experience.  Now that Jack is older and I’ve emerged from the post partum fog with Chloe, I’m ready to start getting up a little bit before my children for some quiet time alone with God.  I’m planning to deviate from the Bible reading plan I’ve been using for the last 8 years and instead pursue more intentional study of individual books.

I also have a couple other goals for 2015 —

  • Better health and fitness.  2014 was a little crazy between finishing remodeling our home, moving in, continuing to work on home projects, getting pregnant and having a baby, etc.  So now that life has calmed down a bit, we are eager and ready to start working out (again) and eat healthier.
    • I’m looking forward to taking up running again as well as doing some pilates.  Eventually I’ll probably up my intensity with my fav Jillian Michael’s DVD and some harder strength training.  But for now… baby steps.  🙂
    • We are planning to shift our eating habits to have a strong Paleo leaning. I say “leaning” because we are definitely not being very strict about it.  We’ll still have some dairy and beans.  We’re mostly wanting to cut out most, if not all, processed foods and simple carbs like bread and crackers and pasta and place a heavy emphasis on meats and fruits and vegetables.  We’re definitely excited to see how such eating habits affect us!
  • Being more intentional with friendships.
    • Again, in the craziness of 2014 I felt like I wasn’t very good at growing and building friendships with some of the women that I believe God has purposefully placed in my life.  I’m looking forward to being more intentional (and creative when necessary with little ones, haha) with pursuing and deepening some of the friendships I have with specific women.  Zach and I also have a few couples we want to be more intentional with.  Community and friendship are so important and we don’t want to miss out on the wonderful blessings to be had via good friends and the strengthening of relationships!

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