my first “guest blogger” experience :)

if any of you haven’t already heard of Wee Ones Photography, you MUST check out the website and blog!  alisa is a long-time and dear family friend of mine and while she assists her daughter with wedding photography, she has also launched into the ADORABLE world of newborn photography!  ooohhh my goodness.  newborns are sweet and precious already, but her photoshoots take them to a whole new level!

alisa had also taken a few quick snapshots of Jack last year when he was about 6mos old:
jack016 jack030 jack027

this is what she shot during a 10minute, spontaneous “shoot” that we hadn’t even planned.  just imagine – and go LOOK AT – what she can do during a full photoshoot!

anyway… a couple months back, alisa asked me about possibly doing a few “guest blogger” posts on something(s) pertaining to my current season of a new mom with little(s).  i was shocked, humbled, excited, flattered and blessed!  if you’re interested in reading it, i wrote a 4-part series on tips and suggestions for creating a baby registry.  having been to quite a few showers, both wedding and baby, and then enjoying several of my own, i’ve developed ample thoughts and opinions on the topic.  ::wink::

creating a baby registry: introduction

creating a baby registry: part 1 – the thought process

creating  a baby registry: part 2 – what do i really need?

creating a baby registry: part 3 – my personal recommendations

alisa, thank you for the HONOR of contributing to your beautiful blog!  the privilege was truly all mine!