i watched Hook tonite with the mackay girls.  i’d forgotten how much fun this movie is!  some funny anecdotes about it…

– i felt really really old when i realized that Hook came out fifteen years ago!  it was a little bizarre when it struck me that i was showing the girls a movie that had come out before any of them were even born!  oh my…
– did you know that Gwyneth Paltrow was in this movie?!  she has 3 quick shots, as she plays wendy growing up!  hilarious, eh?
– and the kid who played Jack (Peter’s son) grew up and went to Yale Law School and now works in some congressional job!  i thought that was really cool…
– there are also some great quotes in Hook:


“we could do everything or nothing, all it had to be was anything because it was always us.”

“you need a mother very very badly!”

“i just had an apostrophe!”
“i think you mean an epiphany.”
“lightening… just struck my brain.”
“well, that must have hurt.”


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  1. Ru fi o!Ru fi o!That and when they do the basketball game and school Robin Williams. But man the kidnapping scene scarred me to NO END when I first saw it.

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